how to play guitar

how to play guitar

More than 300 Pages, more than 350 Videos and more than 200 Audio Files!
The most complete Guitar Ideas Book on the Internet.

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how to play guitar Alternate Picking: Sequences on one string, two strings, all six strings, arpeggios, pentatonics, ideas and phrases and hybrid picking (pick and fingers)
how to play guitar Legato: Legato with scales, legato and picking, pentatonic legato, arpeggios with string skipping, stretching and stretch arpeggios.
how to play guitar Sweep Picking: Sweep Picking from 2-6 strings, sweeping and Modes, arpeggios and scales, economy picking, ideas and phrases and finger sweeps.
how to play guitar Tapping: Tapping scales, pentatonics, arpeggios, using various fingers for tapping and taping with string skips.

(Or buy the Full Version for just $28! Here| Instant Download)

how to play guitar

(Or buy the Full Version for just $28! Here| Instant Download)

REMEMBER: Over 500 Examples, +230 audio examples & +355 Video Examples! +600MB of pure Guitar Ideas & Exercises for the modern Guitarist. Don't look for any other guitar method like this. This one is IMPRESSIVE.

Toni Lloret is one of the most known guitarists in Spain. Check this videos:


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PLAYGUITAR: "The method is full of exercise and ideas that serve both to develop the technique to expand your mind. Ultimately one of the best methods I've practiced and in which I never tire of practice. 100% RECOMMENDED"

TOMASILLO: "Hi Toni, a month ago I bought your book and I must say that I am very happy with it , I play the guitar from years ago, but is the first time I found a clear way to move around the freat, and also understanding why and for Why, all thanks to your great work. All chapters are well explained and examples with your audio or video are very clear to understand. "

MeTaL3r0 o7: "It is far better than I thought .. thank you very much for this piece of art!"

Boinaman: "hi, I have been working with the book recently, only since Christmas, but I recommend it fervently. To improve playing, it is ideal. And how easy is the information shown! Recommended 100%."

m600: "Very good, I got it A week ago and each new exercise is like discover a world. If I had have access to this book ten years ago I'm sure i will have today another playing level. I'm rediscovering me!"

DEAN: "Hi Tony I'm really impressed by your work in this book, by the clairvoyance of your teaching by the quality of your performances, thanks for sharing all of us the experience and knowledge that you are storing, thank you very much MAESTRO. Greetings."

Figon: "Hi! this book is helping me to create melodies and interesting phrases thanks to the skills i'm taking. After many years without progess i'm flying again!"

GranMago90: "Hi Toni. This is my first post on your forum, just to say กกก THE VERY GOOD BUY I HAVE DONE WITH YOUR BOOK-CD!. I'm starting to practice with, and I'm very satisfied. Everything is well explained and detailed."

pablogaez: "Hi Toni. I am delighted with the Book-cd, frankly is a good method. I think the big publishers should take note and works like this should be in place that it deserves. It is not enough to be a good guitarist, you should know how to transmit while teaching and you do it very well in the book. Congratulations."

x7b9: "The truth is that for a long time since I saw such a book."

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how to play guitar

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